How Hoshino Therapy works

Just like a fingerprint, no two bodies are exactly alike and therefore each client’s case must be individually evaluated according to age, weight, gender, genetics, past injuries, medical history and lifestyles. First you receive a 45 minute 250 pressure point test in which we will scan your body from head to toe, checking all major muscle groups, tendon-ligaments, joint range of motion, and spinal-nervous system passageways for any areas of inflammation, arthritis, tendinitis, or other kinds of disease or dysfunction. This will give us a 3D anatomical map of the areas of the body which have become limited by wear and tear, stiffness, misalignment or other kinds of postural imbalances and repetitive stress syndromes. Then we can begin to accurately assess the true cause and origin of pain and begin to design a customized treatment plan for your particular needs including specific exercises, stretching and strengthening, and healthy lifestyle changes. When the body is in good postural alignment and symmetry we are free from bio-mechanical friction and stress on the musculoskeletal system. Blood circulation is unobstructed, moving nutrients through the tissues as well as expelling wastes. We feel good physically and mentally, are free of pain, and heal quickly from fatigue and injury. Over time we may lose this original anatomical and physiological state of health and equilibrium due to injury, daily wear on the body, and the effects of aging. In some people these problems are genetic, meaning that the person is born with an inherited trait like scoliosis which has predisposed them to disease prematurely. For most of us, though, muscles, tendons, and joints eventually become hard and full of adhesions, which limit our endurance, flexibility and strength leading to osteoarthritis, arthrosis, bulging or herniated discs, muscle and tendon tears, nerve impingement and finally pain. The goal of Hoshino Therapy is to restore vitality and mobility to muscles, tendons, and joints, and to align the curvature of the spine to its original and most efficient posture, bringing back optimum function, balance, and biomechanical symmetry to the body. Hoshino Therapy is not like other traditional or conventional treatments. We do not claim to cure disease. Hoshino therapy is a “common sense Scientific Method” of the form and function of biomechanical health. When the body is active and healthy we regenerate and recover from disease and injury quickly and completely. When we are in a weakened state, however, diseases and injuries become chronic, creating more serious conditions and leading to other problems, which eventually overwhelm the body’s natural healing potential. With Hoshino Therapy we will help you find a real solution to your pains and enable your body to heal itself naturally.